Our Leather

At its best, Argentina’s leather is as good as it's steak.

Argentina’s free range, grazing grown cattle in the lands of the Pampa grasses are arguably the best in the world and most sought after leathers and exotic hides & skins on planet earth. 

Our main leather source is Lis Royal, a company dedicated to the highest quality calf skins and horse leather manufacturing for the shoe production. Their manufacturing facility is located in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nowadays, most of the company's staff have been working in the company for more than twenty five years; consequently this vast experience allows them to produce international quality leather products. The directives of the company count with more than forty years of experience in the field. The company produces unique leathers for the finest and most demanding customers in the manufacturing of shoes, polo and riding boots in the country. 

It doesn't get better than that.



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