Atelier Del Sur emerged from a profound enthusiasm as watch connoisseurs. To bring our passion to life,
we carefully curate top-tier products, meticulously
assembled by highly skilled artisans. Our commitment to sharing a style reminiscent
of the 1940s and 50s has driven us to seek out the finest craftsmen and suppliers. In an era dominated by rapid
fashion trends, our focus rests on quality over mass production.
Rather than fleeting fads, we craft enduring, timeless designs that embody a
classic sensibility, conscientiously handcrafted by expert artisans rather than automated machines.
Every item in our collection is exclusively produced within our own workshop, adhering to traditional manufacturing practices.
Our collection is conceived with a wealth of experience and expertise, instilling pride in our dedicated artisans who craft them and adding value
to our customers who proudly wear them.
Hence, Atelier del Sur has made a deliberate choice to establish a collection that is entirely handmade, devoid of any involvement from machines.
The charm of the 1940s and 50s style has always hinged on a harmonious blend of sophistication and daring, merging traditional and contemporary elements.
This motivated us to embark on a thorough quest to create all our new pieces, ensuring they align with the desires of our cherished clientele.
Barcelona - Spain
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