October 21, 2019


Here at Atelier Del Sur we are focused on creating the finest straps available, and we want to feature some iconic pieces with a few of our straps for you to have a quick view when in doubt.

Remember, the watch-strap combinations shown here are just examples, in the end you and only you are the one that has to like the pairing, so feel free to try any combo that makes you smile.

Brief History: The Rolex Explorer 16570

Following our last strap advice on the Explorer I we continue with the explorer's saga and what better than it's natural brother in arms, the Rolex Explorer 2 reference 16570 in black.

This is the second execution of the now highly sought-after 1655 introduced in 1971. Designed specifically for speleologists exploring deep caverns below the earth's surface, this original execution of the Explorer II featured a large 24-hour hand, and a fixed stainless steel bezel with 24-hour markings, the logic behind this was that folks that explore caves are often in the dark, thus, can't tell the difference between AM and PM.

Now back to the 16570, this particular version, in Rolex words “transitional references” was introduced in 1989 with a larger 40mm case size, a sapphire crystal and the lates (to that date) Caliber 3085.

The distinctive big orange GMT hand was now also longer and thinner. In addition this particular model was offered on black or white dial rather than just black. 

In the early 2000's Rolex equipped this version with Super Luminova. 

These versions were always in the shadows of it's brothers, the GMT Master and of course the Rolex Submariner, but this has changed over the past few years with more people finding these great pieces very collectible and fun to wear.

This version was discontinued around 2008.

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